Just as an object within our environment can be perceived in multiple ways, so an object’s potential may fail to be perceived at all. The phenomenal awareness we share within our environment binds us together, creating a world many others do not know exists. We see from a third eye, and for us, our environment is a canvas with endless potential.

Rider & designer owned - Operativ® is inspired by the distinct awareness we share and a lifestyle spent boldly painting the image of our mind’s eye on the world around us. Apparel built on principles of conceptual design, functionality, and close attention to detail; we strive to stand as a testament to the innovative thinking and raw creative energy our lifestyles embrace.

For every Operativ® product purchased, we will plant a tree, and purchase & protect 1 acre of tropical rainforest. Our goal is to give back to the stunning landscapes we ride & explore, and protect critically endangered species through our support of the National Forest Foundation & Rain Forest Trust. Learn More >